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"Congratulations on receiving one of the show's highest evaluation ratings. You were certainly successful at drawing your audience in, providing them with the business solutions they were looking for, and maintaining their undivided attention throughout your presentation. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort for putting together such a dynamic presentation for our audience. I hope we are able to work together again."

Diane M. Stakoe
Inc. Magazine

Stanton Royce, MBA
Yes anyone can teach them to sell, but one can make them do it!
Keynotes, Workshops and Consulting in
Sales, Productivity and Performance Improvement

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Results They get the message and get energized. Simple Message Rejection is only words. Humorous, Interactive, Fun, Thought Provoking Stanton's connection with the audience.

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"We have had over 550 speakers over the last eleven years and many of them have written books of all kinds, especially motivational ones. Your talk by far is one of the best motivational talks that we have ever had."

Jon Eliot King 
Attorney At Law



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