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1  You run for a local political office and you lose.

    I didn't work hard enough.
    The winner knew a lot more people.

2  You receive great praise from people you respect.

    I completed an important project.
    I am the best one they know.

3  You didn't pass a test for a big raise.

    The others taking the test were smarter.
    I didn't study enough.

4  Someone else gets an award you were expecting.

    It is hard to get recognized for what you do.
    There was a lot of competition for this award.

5  A colleague comments that you look physically fit.

    I like to be physically active.
    I really take care of my health.

6  A loved one gives you a surprise.

    He got paid for a big job.
    I paid last time.

7  You receive a $250 bonus for a suggestion to your company.

    I had a good idea.
    I am always looking for better ways to do my work.

8  You washed a car but a friend found spots you missed.

    I am poor at washing cars.
    I washed the car in a hurry.

9  You shop for a gift and get the last one on sale for half-price.

    I got lucky.
    I am a smart shopper.

10  You tell a story that everyone enjoys.

    The story was hilarious.
    I was really animated.

11  You lose competing for something you were prepared to achieve.

    I'm not very good at competing against others.
    There were a lot of very talented people competing this time.

12  A loved one wants to go away with you for the weekend.

    She needed a break from work.
    She likes to do new things.

13  Many people stop to talk with you at a social event.

    I am really friendly at social events.
    I was in a great mood that evening.

14  A colleague does something that really upsets you.

    He is so self-centered.
    He had a really bad experience recently and needed to vent.

15  You get loud and angry with someone important to you.

    He/she is always criticizing me.
    He/she was being so annoying at that time.

16  You really impress your friend's boss.

    We had a lot in common.
    I get along good with people.

17  You stumble while walking with an important person.

    I do that sometime when I get anxious and nervous.
    Something must have been on the floor.

18  You rescue someone from a burning car.

    I helped the driver get their dented door open.
    I know how to act in crisis situations.

19  The people you were responsible for were successful at work.

    I watched everyone closely to make sure things were done right.
    Everyone worked hard to make the project a success.

20  You and a loved one hug after an argument.

    I forgave him.
    I am usually forgiving.

21  You ask someone to a social function and she says no.

    I was having a bad day.
    Maybe I didn't sound too enthusiastic when I asked.

22  You keep tripping over your feet trying to dance.

    Dancing takes a lot of practice.
    This is a hard dance.

23  Someone you know asks you for help.

    I just helped someone else with the same problem.
    I am good at getting things done.

24  You owe the library $2 for an overdue book.

    It is hard to return books on time.
    This book took a long time to read.

25  You fail to appear for an important meeting.

    Sometimes my memory is horrible.
    Sometimes I forget to look at my notes for appointments.

26  You felt great all year.

    The people around me were healthy so I was not exposed to illness.
    I took really good care of myself.

27  Your boss wants you to supervise a special project.

    I know more than anyone else about this project.
    I have a reputation for always getting results.

28  You are stopped on the street for an interview with a talk show host.

    I was in the right place at the right time.
    I looked like the best person to interview.

29  You don't seem to have the energy you used to have.

    I always have too much to do.
    I had an unusually busy week.

30  You forget a loved one's birthday.

    I often forget birthdays.
    I had other things on my mind.

31  You and a friend have been arguing a lot recently.

    I have had a lot of problems at work recently.
    He/she has been hard to get along with recently.

32  A special person throws a surprise party for you and few people show up.

    I'm not good company at a party.
    People I know are really busy.

33  You help catch a criminal by dialing 911.

    Something unusual got my attention.
    I was paying attention that day.

34  A teacher makes a sudden demand and you complete it on time.

    I am good at that subject.
    I am a hard worker.

35  You get lost traveling on vacation.

    I missed a sign.
    My relative is not good at making maps.

36  You run for a local political office and win.

    I put a lot of effort into winning this campaign.
    I give my best at everything I do.

37  Your bank account is almost out of money.

    Things cost too much.
    I had an unexpected expense.

38  Someone you respect invites you to their home.

    She is a generous.
    She wants to repay me for something I did.

39  You do something to please a loved one but he is disappointed.

    I'm not good at knowing what people want.
    He is hard to please.

40  You have to pay a late charge for not paying a bill on time.

    I always pay my bills at the last minute.
    I wasn't in the mood to pay bills that day.

41  You host a great party.

    I was especially friendly that night.
    I give great parties.

42  A mentor criticizes your performance.

    He doesn't know how to inspire people.
    He must really think this is an important issue.

43  A business refuses your check for a purchase.

    I sometimes think I have more money than I do.
    I sometimes forget to deposit money into my account.

44  You help a friend get over a tragic loss.

    I like to help my friend.
    I like to do things for people.

45  You really enjoyed yourself at a social function.

    There were a lot of great people there.
    I felt relaxed and happy.

46  You have to change a flat tire during a trip.

    I didn't check the tires before leaving.
    The tire ran over a nail on the road.

47  You can't assemble a child's toy and must ask for help.

    Assembling toys is difficult.
    The instructions for the toy were confusing.

48  You receive an email from a secret admirer.

    I look good to him/her.
    I am generally liked.

49  You have been gaining weight.

    I seldom think about what I eat.
    You have to eat.

50  You ask someone to a party but she says no.

    I am not good company.
    She does not like parties.

51  A former acquaintance is in town and wants to see you.

    She and I used to be really good friends.
    Most people enjoy my company.

52  Your sweetheart has been rejecting your advances lately.

    I think about myself too much.
    I haven't been doing enough things my sweetheart likes.

53  You beat others at a game.

    I felt like I could beat the world.
    I practiced a lot.

54  Your investments triple in value.

    Your advisor recommended something new.
    Your advisor knows a lot about making money.


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