Are you coping with rejection, orAnyone can teach you how to sell, but only one man can make you do it.

Rejectionproof (R)



How much is rejection costing you?

How much is rejection slowing you down?

What would you have accomplished now if rejection increased determination instead of doubt?

The normal psychophysiological response to rejection slows you down and makes you delay and stop when you could, should, keep going. Coping with rejection does not change your innate emotional response to feel doubt, discouraged, disappointed. Be more, do more, become Rejectionproof(R).

Stanton Royce created it and remains the word's expert making you Rejectionproof(R) by changing how you feel about rejection so you persist not quit.

How much more will you achieve sooner when rejection makes you feel more determined to keep going? What does feeling discouraged and doubt (coping with rejection) do to you? Doubt = hesitation, delay, procrastination, lost opportunities, lower achievement- less of everything you want. Don't cope with rejection, change how you feel about rejection to transcend old limitations and join the Extreme Achievers(R).

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Smash rejection, become Rejectionproof(R).

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